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Nov 14, 2014

Our Spotlight today is on Vaneese Johnson...

who is an Executive Coach and Personal Brand Strategist. She works with high performing professionals to define their career purpose, design a career operating statement and brand themselves for career success.

What she loves about her work is helping professionals discover their personal brand currency and how they can leverage their authentic selves, talents and skills to achieve career success.

Vaneese’s own Personal Brand Statement: "I bring infectious energy, creativity and a vision of possibilities to help high performing professionals manage and brand themselves for rewarding and successful career opportunities."

Rather than me telling you all the wonderful credentials and expertise she has - here is her complete 'Speaker Sheet'! But I have to tell you - the best thing to do is listen to her interview - she shares a whole lot more about some fabulous new stuff she is doing! And then please share :-)

You'll want to listen to the actual interview because she shares some great tools with you - free to learn how to acquire the knowledge on what is your brand?  Visit our website: for her contact information and to leave a comment, that will be most appreciated :-)