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Apr 23, 2015

Okay stormy weather can be all sorts of things...right?

For me and where I live right now it's all about stormy weather meaning tornadoes. Maybe where you live stormy weather is hurricane season or in Boston this winter, stormy weather was a code phrase for yet another blizzard! Yikes!

But stormy weather can also refer to commotion in a relationship. The relationship doesn't have to be with a significant other. It can be with a co-worker that absolutely drives you crazy. Or the co-worker that stabs you in the back to get the promotion - been there - storm passed, the sun came out.

Stormy weather with a relative, negative, trouble making family member and maybe the sun will never come out there because they don't want it to. Have that and I know that person is forever stuck in the world of misery and clouds, by choice.

Listen to the show today maybe something that works for me will work for you to help you focus on the sun coming out.

Passing On A Smile,