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Apr 27, 2015

Is...your past still haunting you?

Today's show was originally planned in talking about letting go of the past, your past, obviously, but after my exposure to more about the awfulness of Human Trafficking I had to express my concerns on this show, today.

It's not the happy show I would have preferred, but hopefully, by talking about this to you, we can help people who have a past that must still haunt them...and my little past concerns are quite trivial in comparison.

I talk all the time about together we can do so much more - and that's why right now we are sending prayers and donations to help the victims in Napel and the climbers on Mt. Everest that have been devastated by an earthquake and are still challenged by after shocks. The horrific scenes being played on every screen are beyond comprehension...

Let's do something together to make a difference.

Passing On A Smile,