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May 28, 2015

Living life large is a new phrase that I've heard that really speaks to me...

Little did I know when I did my episode on 'Fond Farewells' did I know that things were going on that would require me to do just that.

So this topic spoke to me as I realized the past love of my life really stopped living life large. He just tucked inside of his little world and was content to be there. Holed up in the 'almost heaven' hills of West Virginia. I'll always remember when the kids were little and we'd make a road trip to visit his parents in West Virginia. The moment we hit the state line we'd sing, or attempt to sing, John Denver's song! And then how wonderful that we were able to move there.

Unfortunately, the marriage remedy we were hoping for never happened. We soon went our separate ways. It's been 36 years and I still love this man, but for reasons not necessary to share right now, we had to part. I've often reflected back on our years together and the good times, of course, and believe had I been more mature and more forgiving we would still be together.

Tune in tomorrow to hear an awesome interview with Bibi Goldstein on her helping others buy time :-)

Passing On A Smile,