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May 29, 2015

Our Spotlight today is on Buying Time find out how with Bibi Goldstein...

Bibi Goldstein started Buying Time 9 years ago as an errand and personal assistant service, providing on site assistants and organizing services. Over this time she has always taken the attitude of adding to her team’s skill set whenever a client came to the table with a request they hadn’t done in the past the response was always “sure we’ll give it a shot”. Now the team is growing in staff and services.

And one of the most important services offers is time management. Bibi creates systems to help manage your time. These systems are tailor-made to each client and their preference. Bibi’s expertise is in relieving you of tasks in your life and business so you have more time to do what you love…See I told you she was awesome!

Automating Your Business Out Of Overwhelm is Bibi's specialty and I experienced her expertise first hand and in person, not once, but twice. She was coordinating the events (and still does) of my friend and mentor Caterina Rando and is very precise and professional, but even more fun when presenting her expertise...which you'll hear in this interview, as well!

And as a gift to my listeners, well, I guess you better listen to find this out!

Passing On A Smile and then pass this show on, too!  Thank you.