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Dec 10, 2015

The Right Window.

Okay, what exactly does that mean and what's with the picture of the fern???

Well, if you've been listening to me at all you know I always have a point and today's is all about you and being in 'the right window'. 

And that right window is essentially being in the right job, the right relationship, the right group of friends, the right activities, etc.  This is where you will flourish, where you have the right light, and the right nourishment.

And yes, it's true some parts of our journey will have us stuck in a cubicle, in an unhappy relationship, playing with the wrong team, but it doesn't have to dictate your entire story.

I know if you are stuck right now and in a hateful, angry place you aren't hearing my words.  I know, I've been there, where everything looked hopeless. But one smile from someone, one little bit of sun breaking through the clouds and I knew I could make a change.  Not always easy, but I believe seeking the 'right window' is what brings zest into your life. 

Stay tuned for my new unveiling with my podcast website face lift.  I'm not a web designer, so it's one step forward and two back, but I'm getting there...

And when I do you will be visiting quite often, to see our weekly Blab spots with Cynthia Bazin and my interviews.  We'll be bringing you "Inner Circle Blabs" that will draw you in and keep you connected...we are the right window, because we nourish, and support those we care about.

Until then, please keep sharing, someone may be so stuck and feeling there's no way out, and just hearing another perspective might be the words they need to hear!

Passing On A Smile,