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Nov 26, 2014

How's that for a wild and crazy question? Are You A Gratitude Practitioner?

I guess spending 9 years as a Send Out Cards independent rep and sharing the message of gratitude every single day makes that title a given for me...but I've found not everyone does focus on their gratitude.

I've been keeping a 'gratitude' journal for almost 10 years, even more SOC, because somewhere I learned the principal that you focus on giving gratitude to others and for your life, goes far further than focusing on all the negative.

If you listened to my Spotlight interview yesterday you would have heard Leann Moore's very profound, and somewhat heart wrenching story of how focusing on gratitude saved her life. If you haven't listened you might want to hear her story. Maybe there's a message in her words that will speak louder than mine.

Today on this podcast episode I express my gratitude to many people, but I barely covered the multitude of all that I am grateful for. I know that on this day before Thanksgiving it's all about preparing for the travel, getting the food ready, planning the day. And then at many of our gatherings we will hold hands in a family and friend circle giving praise and being grateful for this day, our family, friends, blessings, and more.

I am grateful for you reading this and listening - head on over to my site to get the full version of this show and have an AWESOME THANKS GIVING DAY!