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Dec 16, 2014

So do you?

Do you have times that the tech stuff really challenges you, are do you grasp it rather easily? Well, I learn by the seat of my pants! I get the newest phone, the ipad or new Windows and I don't study the manual or take the tutorials.

Oh no, I'll eventually figure it out! I have to laugh at what I just wrote, because I realize when I watch a man try to put something together without reading the instructions...well, you probably know where I'm going with this! So shame on me.

But I confess, I have a terrible time following a recipe, but I'm pretty good at following assembling instructions, but nope, when it comes to technology I'll figure it out!

So for the most part I do and have become fairly sufficient. However, on those things that I need help with, like building this blog, I hire an expert - see Tanya Aliza on my resources page or at the top on the right!

Of course, you'll want to share this show with anyone you know that faces this commotion, too.  It might brighten their day knowing they're not the only one!

Passing On A Smile,