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Dec 19, 2014

Jeanne Erikson is a dynamic coach, coach trainer, and coaching leader.

But when you listen to this interview you will hear how she is so much more! Here is her complete bio:

 "Trained as a coach in 2002, her rich background of over thirty-years experience in human development and mental health, education, and conflict resolution, makes her a resource for other coaches.

She continues to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and credentialed mediator, in addition to a Professional Certified Coach and Wellness Coaching specialist.

She has inspired and coached leaders of business and not-for-profit organizations and public policy groups, as well as individual entrepreneurs and professionals. She provides self-care workshops for professional associations and work teams.

She teaches coach ethics, how to coach clients with conflicts, client screening for coaches, and about the Coaching Continuum TM. for two coaching schools. In collaboration with Dr. Manon Dulude, Jeanne has developed a training program for coaches that assists them to determine the coaching capacity of a prospective client so that client can more likely thrive"....see more at

You'll want to tune in to hear her passion on how she helps people transistion into retiring.

And as always, I'd love if you'd share this - you never know who needs it.  Thank you.

Passing On A Smile,