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Dec 29, 2014

I can't say Thank YOU enough for listening in 2014!

So many new adventures in 2014 and flowing nicely into 2015 with my third revision of my Podcast Show...if not for you my listeners would not be happening! So Thank YOU!

Everyone I see is using FaceBook's wonderful template to say Thank You prompted me to add that to this final Monday of 2014th podcast show today. Can you believe it that it is over, 2014 will soon be a bookmark in the history books?

Not too crazy about some of the history we saw happen in 2014. I'll leave the memory scrolls to the news stations, but wow! Some very disheartening events that left us with heavy hearts and too many fond farwells. As I watch a lot of loss scrolling by on FaceBook among my friends and their families, I am so grateful for the love of all of you and for the family I hold dear.

More when you listen - and be watching for my first interview of 2015 with Tanya Aliza - Ultimate Branding Blue Print Expert!

Passing On A Smile,