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Jan 7, 2016

I've got to tell you that word Possibilitarian is a tongue twister!  I had to practice it a few times before I actually did this show!

Most everyone is excited about the new year and the possibility of what it can mean with a 'fresh start'.  And with that comes the buzz of resolutions, goals, vision boards, intentions, etc.   For me, what really rang most powerful was picking a word for the year...

Thus the title of today's show!  "Possibility" is my word for the year!  It's really wild as I kept talking the word just got more exciting and I could feel the power behind using it in all the projects I have in mind...but then it also brought to mind more possibilities!  It's sorta like throwing the pebble into the pond - the ripples keep on keepin' on :-)

This is my first show of the year and my new site will be ready to roll out here in just a couple days - please stay tuned and share.

And thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening last year and bearing with me during my hiccup and my momentum sorta taking a nose dive! But the only way to get back on the horse, is to get back on the horse!  Okay, horses are way to big for me, how about my bike!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are excited about all that is possible for the new year.  You'll hear Cynthia Bazin and I talking a lot about what the Inner Circle is bringing to so many women.  I just wish that I had met someone like Cynthia years ago when I was first starting out.  A mentor like Cynthia that laser focuses like she does is beyond priceless...and then add in a whole wonderful support group of like minded women!!!!  Check out this link to get signed up :-)

Passing On A Smile,