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Jan 23, 2016

Wow, I can't tell you how good it feels to be back to doing what I love!  And saying thank you a bazillion times will not cover how grateful I am that you are listening to me :-)

This episode actually comes full circle from the health hiccup I started on in July of 2015.  I've done some of the conventional treatments that were recommended, but I choice to follow my heart, my body and my own personal intuition for what was truly right for me.

This decision led me to seeking out more alternative health choices that I felt would be more beneficial.  Having gone to a Rolfer 10 years ago, I back up my muscle problems with regular visits to my Kinesiologist for detoxing after all my treatments.  I've switched to a 'smart sugar' that helps me curb my sweet tooth.  I've learned more about essential oils and slather my entire body in oils and diffuse them in my home all day...

And then my latest precious discovery was the introduction to, wow, and wow!  

I'll going to leave you right there, because only by listening will you get the whole impact of how I filled with anger and needed to get my energy unstuck...

And please, after you listen, if you know someone going through a tough time, maybe, just maybe, my experience, my journey can shed some light on theirs.  Because together we really do make a difference and can help in soooo many ways.

And again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all your loving support over the past several months.  You'll find a new page on my updated site that you might want to read - WHY One Awesome Community?

Have a great weekend and as always I'm...

Passing On A Smile,


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