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Apr 20, 2016

If you've ever been in a big company or a rep with a network marketing organization you've heard the term 'momentum'...haven't you?

I know when I first ventured into the world of network marketing that was always the hook, we're getting ready to go into momentum.  So I gotta ask you, do you constantly wonder when you're going to get into momentum???

Well, I am beyond excited to say, wild and crazy things have begun popping for me and many, many, friends I know.  Suddenly I am getting more comments and overwhelmingly fabulous acknowledgement for making a difference and so much more.  I can't tell you how much all this means to me...

But that's just part of my fun, as new people cross my path, old acquaintances come back into my life, and ongoing friendships flourish I get to experience the excitement for their momentum.

It's sorta like the frequency of my little part of the world is exploding with energy and awesome success.  And what I know, is this did not just happen. You've also heard the expression, 'overnight success' right?  Hah! No such thing, usually that person has been busting it for years and suddenly his or her momentum shift came and now we know them.

I want to encourage you if you are at a place where you are questioning your path because nothing is moving, I'm here to tell you that 'staying the course' if it's your passion will get you in momentum.  This is what is going on all around me.  Friends that have been at rock bottom when we first met are now excelling.  A friend always wanting her own shop is now 3 years later making it happen.  Teams are suddenly growing...

I'm not saying it's easy, I've been doing this podcast for 2 1/2 years and I've tweaked it three times. But it's my passion so I've stuck with it and I am so over the top with how things are now popping like never before.

If you've been listening to me - you know my show notes don't match my show, so you'll just have to listen to get the full scoop.

Have an awesome rest of the week and weekend!!!

Passing On A Smile,