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Jul 27, 2016

You ever been on a road trip? A looooong road trip? Well, if you have, you know that there can be some moments of tension. Traffic gets backed up, the weather is rotten, got off the wrong exit, detours and always, for most of us, the missing rest areas when you need one most.

That's where this story takes us. The endless search for the next rest area or gas station. You know the pass rest area after rest area because all is okay, until it's not. And now you need the bathroom and there is nothing, nothing in site!

So you continue on, praying and hoping over the next horizon you'll spot that oasis that is real and you can get relief and continue on your adventure. We had such an experience about our second day of our 2 week vacation. We decided to take our trip to Seattle to the 2-lane highways across the country, through the rocky mountains and into less traveled scenic routes. All was moving along fine until the moment of distress hit both of us! Rut-row!

We pull off onto our next route and seeing that it is literally a 2 lane - one for us and one for the oncoming traffic that anything would work, if anything would just show up! Finally, finally, nestled in against a deserted looking campground we see a dilapidated looking restaurant (so it said) with a sagging tin roof and a dirt pull off for a drive with 2 gas pumps. But we knew if it was a restaurant they had to have restrooms!

And they did - however, there was a price to pay to use the facility. You'll have to listen to the show to hear how this story unfolds and it's a good one!

Passing On A Smile,