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Aug 3, 2016

You can tell from my picture that I was ready for the 5 rain drops that fell on us in Wyoming while we were in the outside dining area...

But what you can't tell from my picture is what happened and the lesson I have to share.  Listening to my podcast will do that for you :-)

But just in case you can't listen, here's the skinny on my story. The saying goes 'practice makes perfect', when in fact it really should be 'perfect practice makes perfect'.  What if you were in a play and someone gave you the wrong script to practice and prepare for - OUCH!! And so it goes with being prepared, perfectly, for what it is you are preparing for...

So my story in this episode is about how I prepared for something and was studying the wrong stuff...grrr!

Show notes are a challenge at best because I never can convey exactly the message I share with my voice, off the cuff telling my story.  And this one for some reason is tougher to spell out in text, so I guess your best option is just plug in and listen for 20 minutes.

I would love to hear your story of how you tackle being prepared and your life lesson on preparing for the wrong thing maybe.  It may help someone else.  Because that's the reason for all  my stories, silly and serious.  We hear things differently from different people and maybe something I say will strike the right chord you needed to hear in that particular way. Or you share it with someone you know that needs to hear it. 

I appreciate you listening and want you to know I love learning and would appreciate learning more about you and what you might like to hear more of.  Do you prefer more of my stories or interviews with experts?  I'm re-vamping and would love your input.   

Passing On A Smile,