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Aug 10, 2016

Life is a wild and crazy journey and if we can learn how to embrace it with laughter it molds our attitude to deal with all of it.

I have a lot of klutzy moments and find myself laughing at myself on a daily basis.  Not because the moments are so hilarious, but because I choose to find them funny.  It's like your attitude, you can chose to be affected by these little missteps or laugh instead.

When your day starts out with the old saying "got up on the wrong side of the bed", well you can continue accepting that philosophy or you can decide to turn the tide by finding humor in your situations.

Some people are mortified if they goof up in a speech or trip walking across the room in front of people.  True it can be embarrassing, but if you can find a giggle in there and not take yourself so seriously, life is far less stressful.

I realize not all situations would seemingly have little humor, but even my Mom laying in the hospital bed in her final days had us laughing at some of her antics. If was a gift for all of us that we laughed with her and together.  I believe laughter is a very precious gift.

How we respond in life is a choice and when you actually make the practice of finding humor in situations it really affects your attitude.  So many grumbly people that have bad attitudes you might notice never laugh.  

The only kind of laughter I'm not fond of is when people poke fun at someone else.  That is cruel behavior and not funny.  I'd much rather laugh at my own expense than cause embarrassment to someone else.  

I hope you'll take a moment and subscribe to my channel so you always get my shows and I love to share a laugh or two.  But no matter how you listen...thank you!  I appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Passing On A Smile,