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Dec 1, 2016

My interview with April is super awesome! She shares her candid raw story that brought her through to her passion.  She is sooo knowledgeable and you'll want to be sure to have pen and paper handy.

April Bolivar, Author of “Your Dog Needs You”, and of “Follow April’s Lead” resides in Hannibal Missouri, "America's Home Town. April is a published author and balanced professional dog trainer who uses positive reinforcement and positive dog training methods.

April is very passionate about the well being of dogs and making them better members of your family. April is an honors graduate of Animal Behavior College, has a master's degree in grooming from Star Academy and has run a pet sitting business for 16 years. Also, a wife and Mom, April enjoys winding down by playing the Cello.

However, I'm not sure when she actually winds down because she is super active on Social Media with posting daily tips. You can subscribe to her channels to make sure you're always on top of things!

 Her Social Media Connections

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Instagram: April Castelhano-Bolivar
LinkedIn: April Castelhano-Bolivar
Periscope: AprilBdogtrainerhk
Twitter: dogtrainerhk
Snapchat: dogtrainerhk

And to get a copy of her fabulous book: "Your Dog Needs You": The Positive Way to Solve 14 Unwanted Behaviors That Drive You Crazy!

Grab your book from - Your Friendly Dog Trainer see links below.

To get the eBook in USA:
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After you listen you'll definitely want to share April's story with your friends and family that have dogs.  Especially if they are looking for a new puppy for Christmas.  April gives some great guidelines for where to shop and what to be on the lookout for.

Have an awesome day!

Passing On A Smile,