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Dec 13, 2016

Acronyms have become a way of life...crazy abbreviations outside of any that niche industries have created. I imagine most of us have worked in a business or two where certain company abbreviations were well understood. But today with texting and 140 characters of Twitter, we are quickly loosing our social conversational skills.

Have you recently got a text with a acronym you don't know? So do you ask, what did you just say? Or do you try to figure it out so you don't look or feel stupid? I've tried that, but for me, I want to know, what did you say???

I know a few that have been around for years:

LOL - laugh outloud
BTW - by the way
ASAP - as soon as possible.

ASAP has been a business slang for a long time, but the others have come from our mobile device use. Instead of conversation, some of us talk in short bits and spurts spouting abbreviations.

I found a list of 50, here's just 3 I did not know:

POV - point of view
TWTH - Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
SLAP - Sounds like a plan

I'm just concerned the phrase "The Art of Conversation" won't make sense to a lot of people in the not too distant future. Who wants to spend all that energy talking in full sentences. I've heard on a couple TV shows expressions like, "Come With?" What! Saying "you want to come with me?" is too much to say???

Check yourself my friends, are you being clear with what you say or are you abbreviating to the point that the person on the other end is not clear of what you said. People won't usually ask for clarification for fear of looking stupid. Lots of miscommunication already through emails and texting, tough on relationships for sure.

Imagine following up with a first date and sending 'SWAK' in a text. What if they don't know what you're saying?  Just saying.

Passing On A Smile,


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