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Dec 20, 2016

As you can see the title is quite vague because I have so many little tidbits I thought I would string them together into just one.

First, I talk about my Christmas project, still not done.  How about you, got one of those or many?  I don't usually make things for Christmas any more.  When my girls were little I made matching nightgowns and robes and dresses, but all my kids are far beyond my creations these days.

So when the first new great grand baby arrived on the scene 6 1/2 months ago the bug hit me, sorta.  I had created a project I was most discouraged with and had discarded it in a 'craft to be pile'. But now, just before Christmas, I realize that pieced together top I had originally planned would become a quilt should be finished for my great grand baby for her first Christmas - a short scant 2 weeks away.

Thus the project begins.  With only 5 days before Christmas and a whole schedule full of activity, I'm not sure how I'll get it done in time!  Yes, I am pulling my hair out!!!

First of all, I knew not what I was doing, so consulted a friend who sews for a living.  However, it became apparent after I took her suggestion that this was not really like a quilt but more like a piece of fabric laying there.  Her suggestion sounded good, but not so much when all was said and done.  So a lot of improvising is going on which makes it more of a challenge to finish, but I will. I so wished her idea had worked!!!

And then another pondering thought I had was about becoming more active on FaceBook and other social media platforms.  So when, after months of pondering on this, I finally had that light bulb moment.  However, something showed up that almost squelched my enthusiasm and my moving forward...

I hope you listen to learn more, it's the most important lesson I share, I believe :-)

Have an absolutely over the top AWESOME Christmas!  

Passing On A Smile,