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Apr 24, 2017

This subject came to me...because I am always distracted!  And doing silly crazy things.  You'll have to listen in to hear what exactly. Of course, I could have filled the entire time with these, but I do have a message inside of that :-)

I just thought I would share this topic with you outside the normal distractions we talk about dealing with business.  Yes, we have all the ongoing distractions of Social Media, but is your brain just totally not connected with your actions sometimes?

I find more and more I am so in the future of the next thing I am planning to do that I totally forget what I am presently doing. Not just the times we go into a room and wander what we came in there for...oh no, much more and so often.

I had something in my hand yesterday that I wanted to put away  and that took me 3 times reminding myself where I was going to get this simple thing done! It's sorta funny talking to yourself about where something goes, but most disturbing in other ways. 

In today's show I also reference a new book being released today, called Option B - the link takes you to Amazon to learn more.  It is a donation page for a friend of mine, but listening will tell you why I bring this up.

So with that said, thank you for always listening and sharing.  I appreciate it beyond words.

Passing On A Smile,