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Nov 28, 2017

I have been posting and sharing this issue for several days after I found several posts on LinkedIn. However, I was greatly disturbed when I saw absolutely no mention on FaceBook about what may happen to our businesses and social connection if we do NOT stop this from happening!

To learn more faster and to take action quicker here is an awesome link that helped me reach out and protest to our Congressmen and Senators, Speaker of the House, etc.  Battle For The Net

And here is another site with a link to the petition on the official White House website!  There is another petition as well!  I'm signing all of them!

6 Ways You Can Protest

This is a very serious show about a very destructive action about to take place if we don't stand up and fight this.  I want to keep telling my stories on my podcast, I want to do videos on YouTube, I want to buy from you, your products, your services, but I just have one voice to help protect our rights!  Let's join hands and do this because together we can do this!!!!  

We had to fight to keep the net neutrality in place before and it's time to fight the fight again!!!  If you're thinking you don't have time to do this, well, if you are conducting business on line you might want to re-think that.  'Cause if we don't stop this you may not have a business online.  That's just how serious this really is.

I read and re-read all about this before I jumped on this band wagon and took up the charge because I wanted to make sure I shared things with you as they are, not just a half-baked perspective of mine.  And the more I read the more disturbing this is!  Please take the time to listen, to embrace this battle with those of us already speaking out.  We have a VOICE and we need to ROAR!!!!  Now, today!

Please share this so more people can join in protecting our internet.

Passing on my concerns,