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Dec 14, 2017

Sorry, I've been off creating Christmas Cards and helping my customers do the same.  This is my 12th Christmas sharing how easy Send Out Cards makes it to send our seasonal cards - for every season! 

But it's a recent Weight Watchers brochure that actually gave me the title to today's show!  This is a regular subject for me and I don't believe it can ever be re-visited too often.  Because life circles around and sometimes we forget.

Yet, I've learned that focusing on gratitude definitely is the best way for me to rule my life.  And I express that every night in a 'gratitude journal'.  Nothing fancy, just a notebook, with lines :-)  and a pen and my thoughts of what I am grateful for that day.

I believe, at least for me, when I reflect on who and what I am grateful for I can't focus on the negative crap that might be circulating in my life, directly or indirectly.

I have a tough time listening to or watching the news.  It is rarely uplifting and invigorating.  So by choosing my own path of gratitude I can block out what I cannot control.

I invite you to take a moment and reflect on someone you haven't shown your gratitude towards lately.  Maybe it's that spouse who supports you every day, but somehow you overlook saying how grateful you are that they are by your side.

We all tend to take for granted what we have, it's just human nature.  We go about our lives and do our thing and never stop and reflect until something changes our status quo.  Don't let that happen to you...

Some of what I say here I wished I'd said on the show, but it comes out as it needs to be said, but I 'hear' more sometimes when I write it out.

In my interview with Engel Jones  of Twelve Minute Conversations Podcast  he asked me what was one habit I've maintained over the years and it was 'posting nightly in my Gratitude Journal'.

And in closing I just want to let you know how grateful I am, to you, for listening!  And a have a very Merry Christmas.   (In case, I don't get on here next week!)

Passing on Christmas Cheer,