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Sep 28, 2018

Life just keeps amazing me!  This show focuses on some things I experienced at a recent event I attended...maybe you saw me in my gorgeous new green dress on FaceBook :-)  Awesome evening!

Anyways, I had a light bulb moment 4 years ago in changing my podcast name from "The Gail Foley Show" to One Awesome Community.

But this latest light bulb moment came from a very indirect method.  Thank goodness I have good hearing and I was listening :-)

I hope you can relate to this one and wish for you many light bulb moments that can propel you forward or help you to take the next step that will make your life better.

And the gut!  Oh my, had only listened in those pivotal decisions I could have saved myself a ton of heartache and unhappiness.  My path would have been entirely different and I'd probably still be living in Ohio.  And then I realize that decision brought me joy, too.  But I do listen more to my gut these days!

If you like to watch me do my podcasts LIVE you can do that just click :-)

I'd love to hear about your 'Light Bulb Moments and or Gut messages'.  

Have a awesome, awesome day!!

Passing On A Smile,