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Nov 15, 2018

Wow, I gotta tell you I have talked about this subject quite often.  But I came to realize that every single day of our life we are making transitions!

Really.  Think about it!  We don't realize how often we have to transition from one task or experience after another.  A lot of us marketing on FB or Instagram, Twitter, etc. talk about the changes in algorithms that affect our reach.  But, I came to realize that daily life's activity is just one transition upon transition.

So on today's show I talk about these moments and how I deal with them.  Big, little, good, bad, ugly, you name it.  We all, I believe, deal with a lot every day.

I hope you enjoy and will find this gives you a different perspective on how your day may unfold. 

I would love to hear your comments and would always appreciate you sharing.  Someone may not be dealing well and my way of thinking may help them.

If you're listening BEFORE Thanksgiving, I wish you the best day of gratitude with family and friends.  If it's AFTER I hope it was marvelous, stress free and very special.  I'm looking forward to ours.

And as always,

Passing a smile on to you,