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Dec 10, 2018

Okay, my friends this is a wild and crazy episode.  I actually combine the audio from my FB Live with my regular audio...and here's why :-)

Come mid-January I will be doing an online TV show on my FaceBook page.  And then I will upload that audio into my original podcast production.  That way, people that still want to just listen, can :-)

So I share that on the show, too!  This title comes from what is going on for me right now.  I just had cataract surgery in my right eye.  Instructions of restrictions for a week were:  No vigorous exercise, no eye make up, no rubbing or putting pressure on the eye, no lifting over 20 pounds, no dust, water or dirt in the eye and NO BENDING from the waist putting the head past my knees!!!

Well, I gotta tell you, it was one of the first things I tried to do when I got home from surgery!  I didn't know.  They told me while I was still feeling the affects of the anesthesia so I had no clue!  But my daughter caught me before I was in a full bend mode!

Interesting side affect of not being allowed to bend!  You have to squat!  Well, guess what?!  The day after squatting all day - cause you don't realize how often you bend - I felt like I had exercised my legs vigorously!  I was exercising muscles I evidently NEVER use!  That was quite a rude awakening.

So I challenge you to not bend when you usually instinctively do :-)  Just do it for a day and let me know how easy or hard it was for you.  And if your legs hurt the next day.  My husband reminded me that's an exercise we did the first day of our Pickelball class!  I remembered that and also the fact that I hurt like crazy!

Hope you get a chuckle out of this show and share it.  You never know who needs to do squats!!

Passing On A Smile,