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Aug 28, 2019

Common courtesy is all I'm asking for here!  That's what this show is all about.  How often are you left waiting and waiting for a return message?  Do you wait so long that you turn into a stalker trying to get a response?

Well, I have and I don't like being that person, but I also hate hearing crickets!  I mean does it really take so much of someone's time to just answer back.  In all my many years of business practice that is the one thing I believed, at one time, was just a given.  

In sales, I had to be the consistent itch to my advertisers making sure I got the ad, the new copy, the proof, the payment, etc.  Because I was responsible to the publication and wanted a paycheck for all my hard work.

But today, and for the past 14 years I report only to myself.  As a network marketer I get a commission when I complete the sale, as in most sales position.  However, I don't have to report in to someone else first nor am I responsible for someone else's deadline or bottom line.  

But it still stinks when someone cannot take time to answer back.  To return the proposal, to call you back.  I would much rather be told I am not interested than leave me hanging with a maybe.  Or have someone sign up for your service or product and never let you follow through on how to use it.  So why sign up?

This has baffled me for a long time, but even more so as the skills of personal communication have been transferred to Social Media posts, likes and group interaction.  How about you and me, one on one?  All I'm asking for is common courtesy to respond in like.  If you were on the tennis court or playing pickleball or any game - would you not feel compelled to return the ball?  

Passing On A Smile,