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Jul 23, 2020

Ironically I actually talked about making a small shift on my show in July 2019.  Little did I know what a HUGE shift we would have a year later.

My show today is after 2  1/2 months of silence from me.  I've been through the anger, the sadness, the hopelessness, the confusion, the anger again, the sleeplessness - and back again!

I really was at a loss on what I might be able to say to inspire or enlighten you.  I was struggling to have some of my own. 

I haven't found a way to do my card business because although a lot of people do it online, I've never been able to do that.  For 14 plus years my mode of operations has been in person networking.  And the 10 or more networking events I attend each month have all been sidelined.  So I still send cards and take care of my existing customers, but that's all.

But I have undertaken the fun of sewing again - and making masks, then to a top or two.  This top in the video is hilarious - from the shoulders up I'm likin' it.  But beyond that I could fit one of my great grand babies in the front and her big sister in the back and you would never know they were there.  Not the right material for the pattern, but what I had.

I also made a HUGE awning for my daughter's outdoor swing.  A friend of mine told me I'd bitten off more than I could chew - but I did it!

But then I shifted to think maybe it was time to reconsider becoming a Quilter.  However, almost all of those tools are out of stock everywhere.  And the genius idea I had of taking a class was met with nope not right now!

So the other day when my friend sent me a video about a solution she's found to sleep better I immediately took a look!  And then I looked some more!  I really truly liked what I saw! 

So still the HeyCardLady, but also shifting to learn and play in another world of connections.  It's invigorating  to find a way to help people that is easy and self-explanatory. 

So in lieu of passing on a smile - smile behind your mask and your eyebrows will prove you're smiling :-)


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