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Jun 30, 2015

So when is your optimum energy flow? When are you most productive, am, pm?

If you're an entrepreneur this is something you definitely want to hone in on...when do you sell more, when do you present best, when do you feel the most energy? These are clues on how you might want prioritize your schedule and tasks at hand.

Jun 29, 2015

Technically, it's 'Undo', but I like the word Unsend better 'cause that's what I'm thinking!

How many times have you been in an over emotionally state and plan on sending an email, with all those emotions hanging out??? Too many, I bet! You hear from someone via an email that doesn't sit just right or you don't hear...

Jun 24, 2015

Yes, I have some serious confusion about wine, especially the benefits of red wine.

You can help me a great deal by listening and commenting in response to the questions I am posing!

Thank you in advance - writing it just won't have the same affect, I you listening!

Passing On A Smile,


Jun 23, 2015

Yep, I ask you, can I count on you?

If you promise to do something will you be there? I've just been sadly disappointed about a friend of a friend who had promised to be a co-host, but conveniently remained out of touch until I had it all done. I had asked if she wanted to really participate after 2 weeks of trying to...

Jun 19, 2015

Our spotlight today is on Patricia Weber, Introvert Extraordinaire, author, speaker, coach and so much more...

Patricia understands the possible difficulty of being an introvert in business, and has made it her mission to build the confidence of the more introverted, providing them practical tools to navigate...