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Mar 31, 2015

Happiness and memories go hand in hand, hopefully for most of you...

I discovered belatedly that we had an International Happiness Day on March 25, 2015! Yikes, I never knew. Thank you to my FaceBook friends that keep me notified of this stuff!

So I just had to include Pharrell Williams' video tribute! I have his song...

Mar 31, 2015

You've probably heard those very words "you are not alone"...

And yet felt totally alone. But when the clouds clear and you look around you see that you have many options to change that. There are organizations you can volunteer for, you can extend a hand of friendship, someone else might be feeling alone.


Mar 27, 2015

Love and laughter - you just gotta listen!

Regular show notes will come back Monday, I promise :-)

Passing On A Smile, 


Mar 26, 2015

This is a great question, where do I begin my life's purpose so I can be put in the National Women's History Project?

I've pondered that question, well, just where do I begin, for a long time. And as I listen and read to so many experts about finding your purpose it all still seems a wee bit vague.

So to figure out...

Mar 25, 2015

This is one of those you'll just have to listen to...

Passing On A Smile,