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Nov 17, 2015

Wow, I love that statement, this is your moment, own it! I included the whole quote by Oprah Winfrey on my banner today because it needs to be shared and repeated over and over again. Did you get that, needs to be shared and repeated...okay, I know you get it!

I wanted to get this show sent out to let you know over the...

Nov 11, 2015

What you never got tattooed and grilled in the same day??

Only one way you'll get what I'm talking about - yep, you got it - you got listen in!

And then, very important, please, please share - you and I never know who needs to hear this.

Passing on a great big smile,


Nov 5, 2015

Having you ever had to correct your course???

My journey continues with new revelations and insights, and why I now believe this is more than just a diagnosis, but a mission...

Listen in and then please share, someone truly needs to hear this. With all of my heartfelt appreciation for your listening.

Passing On A...