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Nov 25, 2014

Leann Moore- Go Big with Leann and Get Cash Back!

Our extraordinary entrepreneur guest today is a very, very dear friend of mine that has been with me on my journey for many years. And I can’t wait for you to hear her journey BEFORE we started our adventures together and where all of this has brought her today.

Leann Moore – CEO of GO Big With Leann is an affiliate marketer with an international company. Having quickly promoted to a Sales Director position and inducted into their team Millionaire Club.

Presently she is building a team on her current project with Team Wukar marketing a cash back program. Leann knows that anything is possible for those that have an internal desire to have the life of their dreams so she’s leading the charge to help others do just that. Her utmost desire is to pay it forward in life by assisting others in their journey.

In her own words - what has brought her to today: Listen in to hear all of this and then visit and get her contact information!  She's got a great offer and some incredible wisdom to share!