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May 20, 2015

So when was the last time you shared some giggles and cookies with your friends?

We had such a blast at our Women Connectors meeting last night. And as we were having the giggles over silly stuff it reminded me how little adults experience a fit of genuine, fun, giggles! Think about it. When we were kids we giggled all the time! My grandmother called me "Giggle Girty"...'cause every time my cousin, Linda and I would spend the night with the grandparents we had the giggles non-stop! That's what we did!

I know there have been times that my hubby and I, both having unique senses of humor, will get the giggles simultaneously as we react at the same time to something totally off the wall! And there is no feeling like what you get when you get the giggles!

Make sure you listen in Friday when my friend shares her story about coming back from a stroke, powerful.

Passing On A Smile,