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May 26, 2015

Fond farewells and memories go hand in hand...

And often produce some anguish and pain, but bring up joyful times, too. I watched the parade of fond farewells with David Letterman recently, which triggered this topic. It was an amazing line up of fond farewells after 33 years of late night shows. Staggering when you really think about it. But that was his 'fun, fun' job! So who walks away from that kind of fun! That is beyond me to answer, 'cause I'm not him.

But when going through tons of family photos over the long Memorial Day weekend, it brought up many fond farewells that I've had so far during my life time. So many people that have come and gone in my lifetime. Some just passing through, or I was, I guess, but wow! The emotions that get stirred up...

More on the episode...thanks for listening. 

Passing On A Smile,