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Jan 26, 2016

You ever come up with a word out of thin air, and then wonder what it means???  I did just that and looked it up! And I love what it says, cause that's what I'm talking about today!!!!

"a·foot 1. in preparation or progress; happening or beginning to happen. "plans are afoot for a festival" synonyms: going on, happening, around, about, abroad, stirring, circulating, in circulation, at large, in the air/wind; More"

It is so awesome to wake up with energy and be looking forward to activities that you can term adventures or just your life.  I happen to love the word adventures and look at my fun that way! Picture is of my New Year's Eve adventure - this is me with the very awesome chef, Jason Febres!!!!!

For example, tomorrow I'll be riding a tour bus up to our city's capital with fellow members of our local independent business association.  We'll be attending actual legislative sessions, meet some of the representatives and senators at a reception and then head on back.  A full day of learning how the government here is not working, because it's not...

And then today I had a lunch adventure meeting an old friend to catch up. Tonight is dinner with hubby and friends...adventures!

More BIG adventures are coming when Cynthia Bazin, my incredibly awesome friend and partner puts on her very first event in Las Vegas!  I am beyond excited!  We'll be meeting people from our Inner Circle, from our Blabs and more people Cynthia knows from Periscope and all her connections.  She is beyond a connector status!!!

And there's more on tap for me.  What about you?  Are you embracing the day with something to look forward to?  A walk in the sunshine is an adventure of nature.  I just love to twirl around like a little kid when the sun is out in the winter, what a treat...

More thoughts on adventures are waiting for you - but you gotta listen :-)

Passing On A GREAT BIG Smile,


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