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Apr 6, 2016

You ever just know that message to call someone comes with an intuitive feeling that it's not a good thing?  I had that call Monday morning when my friend called to tell me that another friend had taken her life that weekend...

Stunned, saddened, and unable to comprehend and the grief of loss hits you all at once. My show today is all about reminding us to forever be reaching out and letting people know you care, that they matter. 

I've learned from my friend's fiance that she felt flawed and unappealing. Yet, outwardly, at our many business luncheons and events she was always full of laughter with a giving heart.  Sadly, the love and caring she gave to others she did not feel it for herself.  

We can never know seeing only the facade of what people choose to show us how they might be hurting inside, because we were all clueless.  As we were leaving our women's luncheon yesterday a friend said to me "All we can do is keep loving on one another."  And if that's all we can do, then we want to be sure we're doing that.

So I put out a plea to you today, to pick up the phone and call someone you care about, send a card, 'thinking of you', or send a bouquet of flowers to add a smile to someone's life today, take someone to lunch, coffee, for a walk.

A simple act can have a much more profound affect on someone's life than we may ever know.  But it's in the giving to others that we can heal our wounds and maybe pull someone else from the demons they cannot release on their own.

If you are listening to me today and are in a dark place, please know someone is willing to help you - just hold out your hand, let someone show you the love that is there for you.

Please share this, awareness and reminders can help someone, I just feel it deep in my heart.  And I want you to know I love you and appreciate you for listening and sharing.

Passing On A Smile,