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Apr 13, 2016

It's not really that strange a question, if you think about it.  When you go to events do you find yourself drawn to the same area???  Where do you sit?

When my hubby and I go to the movies we always go to the top of the theater to the wall at our backs - no overhearing conversations, and center seats.  But when I go to seminars, conventions, etc, front row ALWAYS!

I figured this out several years back and then Jordan Adler one of our Send Out Cards leaders re-enforced my thinking.  I used to think sitting in the back allowed me to see who was there, how people were interacting, etc.

But then I realized all the action and interacting I wanted to be involved in was going on up front.  Jordan shared a few years back at one of our seminars, leaders sit in front.  And I was sitting front and center when he said that and later I got called up on stage to share a story.  Imagine that, me sharing a story :-) Being up front connects you to people with confidence and passion, leaders of today and tomorrow.

But if that's not your comfort zone and you have no desire to move beyond that, that's okay.  We need people to fill all the seats.  But by sitting up front you capture the attention of the speaker when you nod, smile, laugh and are obviously listening.  You make a connection.

I am beyond grateful for all the wonderful people I know, personally, because I learned how important this is in life.  And especially in growing yourself to become a leader.  You want to be on that stage?  Show up in front and be noticed for your passion, show respect and listen. 

So figure out your strategy next time you attend an event.  Do you want to meet the leaders, be noticed for your confidence and passion by just being present?  It's a simple step that can lead to some awesome connections and personal growth.  Striving to be that leader?  Sit where they are.

 Passing On A Smile,