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Aug 18, 2016

How do you feel when you get that awesome 'thank you' card in the mail?  Doesn't it just brighten your day?  Put a spring in your step...sounds silly, maybe, but it is soooo true!

I speak from years of receiving and sending thank you cards. Thank you for the gift, thank you for your business, thank you for the referral, thank you for attending, and on and on.

I've been celebrating and sharing an automated online system called Send Out Cards for over ten years and getting and receiving a card never gets old.

I talk on my show today about how we form habits, good and bad and one of the best habits I've ever formed is sending a card every day.  A simple gesture that takes me a few minutes, but might continue to give someone years of enjoyment.

I've run into people I have not seen for years and they let me know that card I sent them years ago is still on their bulletin board or on their desk.  You can look at my bulletin board and see my collection of thank you cards I've received. I will often grab one and re-read it because it makes me feeel sooo good, every time.

No matter whether you do like my granddaughter and write out a card on an 8 1/2 X 11 paper in fun markers, or create a 3 layer crafty rhinestone affair, or buy a Hallmark card or send a card through Send Out Cards - it's the words and the sentiment behind it that makes the difference.  

In our busy crazy world today that extra effort is a powerful expression of caring.  In business you will stand out from the crowd that you took the time to do that, few people do any more. In personal relationships it enriches that connection and warms the heart.  

If you send me your name and mailing address (that's snail mail, not email address) I would love to send you a thank you card. Because I soooo appreciate you listening :-)

Passing On A Smile,