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Dec 15, 2016

My guest today definitely qualifies as a "Powerful Woman Making Things Happen".  When you listen in you'll understand why.

I am delighted to introduce you to Dayanna Valenciano Luna the Founder and creator of La Lune Sacs Boutique handbags. Dayanna believes a woman's handbag speaks volume of who she is; she carries her personality not only inside but on the outside.

Dayanna will help you make a statement with her Dayanna Valenciano Collections... always classy, elegant and chic.

So here in her own words... 

The story behind my brand...La Lune Sacs Boutique ... Ever since I can remember, the idea of a perfect life was to be the driver of my own destiny and create the life I envisioned as an entrepreneur to be with my family and follow my dreams.

In 2012, after having worked for the aviation industry for 15 years I was frustrated with the instability of the corporate world. That is when I decided to take the driver seat of my professional life and founded La Lune Sacs Boutique, and created my own handbag collection.

Never doubt for a minute the capacity you have to achieve greatness. Never doubt for a minute your worth. Never, ever underestimate the power of your voice.

This new collection for Fall 2016 is Me being Bold and having a voice louder and prouder as never before!! This is Me standing up and shouting Yes I Can Be All I Want To Be And More!!! And...YOU CAN TOO!!! ❤️💙💜


And she most definitely walks her talk as you hear when she shares more of the back story in how this unfolded and the courage it took to finally take that leap.  But not without having a cheerleader or two on her team.  She honors those that helped her when she accepts her "Oscar" on this broadcast.

And please share, there is a woman out there that has dreams but does not know where to begin.  Dayanna may help them find that path with her inspirational story. 

And for my listeners she offers you a 15% discount with a special promo code you'll only get by listening to the end.  Then go on over to La Lune Sacs Boutique  and find that special creation just for you.  And you can also connect and follow Dayanna at

Passing On A Smile,