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Mar 6, 2017

Do you often find yourself responding to that nudge or that gut feeling? I truly believe most women understand and can relate to this subject.  

I attended an awesome seminar at a new local 'school' actually celebrating her 1st year, Finishing School For Modern Women. Now for those of you that immediately think like I do, yeah, we can get some manners going, etc.  Not so.  Nope this is not that at all. This is about women learning to claim their power in business, finance, communication and life.  All taught by experts in their field.

I actually know the founder and Head Mistress Jill and decided to attend this seminar called, Everyday Intuition!  What an eye opening, fun, entertaining experience.  I met women of all ages, including 2 grandmothers who brought their high school age granddaughters.

We meditated, we discussed and we learned how to tap into our intuitive style and to give a reading for someone else!!!  The Co Teacher for this event was Jennifer Jean Miller, a practicing physic from Florida.   You can find out more at her site, Readings By Jennifer Jean

So I really, really recommend you listen to my show today if you've ever been puzzled by how you respond to certain people, how you make decisions.  Or what about when you decide to take a different route in your travels, just a nudge saying go this way? Then find out that saved you from a possible accident.  So many people have experienced these things.  Do you find you have a lot of coincidences in your life?  Maybe they're not.

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Thank you always for listening - your feedback is priceless, just so you know.

Passing On A Smile,