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Nov 10, 2017

I am saluting you and appreciating every Vet that has ever served our country.

We all live free because of their sacrifice, but are you honoring them when you see someone in uniform?  Have you yourself defended our country?

My Dad served, my husband's Dad served, my former husband gave his life to Viet Nam, years afterwards due to Agent Orange.  And my son-in-law retired from the Air Force serving for 25 years.

Please take a moment on this Veterans Day to say thank you, by attending a parade, sharing a moment of silence, saying a prayer, sending a gift, saluting...Because where would we be if not for these people stepping up to defending our shores.

This podcast is a tribute and a simple note of appreciation for all of you. I hope you as a listener will share this, just to honor as many men and women as we can.  I'm not the most eloquent speaker, but this comes from my heart.

I cannot imagine the strength and courage it takes to serve our country.  The sacrifice is far and wide and impacts their lives in so many ways and the people in their lives.

Saluting you,