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Nov 17, 2017

I start off by talking about a song in 'My' heart, but this is really about all of us finding that song in our hearts.

It doesn't have to be a vocal song, it may come in another form that makes your heart sing.  Do you tune into your body's vibrations?  Do you listen as your heart feels heavy vs feeling full of joy?

I know, a lot of skeptics are saying - "Really, Gail, a heart is an organ, plain and simple."  I have read too many stories not to know how emotions physically affect our heart.  And I know when mine is singing to me.

So my show today is basically to encourage you to continuously know your heart will guide you to your purpose, expose you to your passion.

This subject came to be as I've been watching the playoffs on the TV Show "VOICE".  It never ceases to amaze me how much talent is out there and I love seeing people experience this awesome dream they have!

We don't all want that, but I believe most of us want to feel that song in our heart.  Whether it comes from being a parent, a teacher, an actor, an athlete, a great leader...So many roles that that song in your heart can take on.

As you live your life, I encourage you to not be so much in your head trying to analyze what you should be doing, but maybe let your heart speak to you.  Listen to the lilt in your voice, feel the sparkle in your eye, your energy lift when things are right with what you are doing...the heart truly knows and these are the signals.

I know when my energy is a little low that I am concerned about doing a show.  Because I want to give you my all.  And then I get a silly smirk on my face and know that the minute I put my headset on the energy is there and I am ready to rock n roll!  Because my heart is sooo happy when I am telling a story or sharing my rants with you!

So thank you for putting a song in my heart and have an absolutely AWESOME Thanksgiving.

Passing On A Smile,