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Nov 1, 2021

Hello my awesome listeners :-)  Just finally showing up to re-engage you in fixing what I really never did...

I promised 7 years ago when I started this to always help you on your 'success journey', but I'm not really sure my stories did that.  Although I did leave you with a lesson, but were you able to apply it to your business?

So I am switching it up and starting a private FaceBook group to invite those that really want to learn the things I've used to succeed.  It's not launched yet, but will be Your Success Connector.

I will help you navigate if you  struggle connecting at networking events or just want to learn some of the things I use for growing my business.

And one of the BEST tools I have alluded to, is my business, but never truly shared with you.  Shame on me.  So I plan to change all that.

You'll find me every day on YouTube - my Live FB videos will be there!  And I will be showing many of the ways my business tools help people succeed.

I would love for you to share whatever business tools you use and like.  Include your affiliate link if you have one :-)

So you'll hear from me more often!

And always, passing on a smile,