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Mar 1, 2022

This is a subject dear to my heart, because it's how I've built my businesses for years. Social Media showed up long after this became my main mode of operation.

Guess, what? I have wrestled for years to use my in person networking efforts online. Just have never grasped it, so I finally accept that.

But whether you have or not, however, you connect - the fun is learning about the other person - it is NOT, and I repeat, it is NOT about you! Having a true sense of curiosity of wanting to help people is what I believe makes it fun and leads to so many gems.

One a new friend, two other friends, and three doing business with one another. But your true wealth comes from being known as a "Connector". To get the call, 'who do you know'? That brings me so much joy that I can actually help someone connect and collaborate with someone else.

I hope this episode speaks to you and you find a different posture in your networking or embrace that you are already a connector. 'Cause it's AWESOME fun!! Passing On A Smile, Gail - sponsor of OAC